About Me

"Through the eye of a photographer, beauty is captured". 


I am a professional photographer since 2015 and graphic designer since 1996. Studying at Bellas Artes in Ecuador widen my artistic talents in 

graphic design and the arts. Photography and graphic design are my passion. They allow me to incorporate my photographic skills into a design. 

Photography allows me to capture moments that fill the heart so that you can treasure them forever.  Your portraits, lifestyle pictures, events or any other photographic style you may need can be done on location. Designing allows me to capture the essence and create something new based on the client's needs. Working with advertising agencies, printing companies and freelancer has given me years of experience in design and production.

I work mainly in the South Florida area, but I am willing to travel throughout Florida.

Whether your need is in photography or graphic designing, I provide my clients with a high level of professionalism and elegance.

Please contact me for a quote. I look forward to working with you.

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11 Fleming Court Weston, FL. 33326




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